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Welcome to Langlade Snow. The intent of this page is to keep you informed of trail conditions in Langlade County in Wisconsin. I will also post upcoming events that would be of interest to snowmobilers. If you are a first time snowmobiler to our County, you will notice that the trail map has numbers at all intersections. The numbers are also located on the trail at the corresponding intersections. The reason for intersection numbers are two-fold: 1. SAFETY: In the event of an emergency, rescue personnel will be able locate you quicker. 2. ASSIST the snowmobiler in pin pointing where you are. In the future GPS coordinates may be added to the intersection signs.

On the Langlade County Snowmobile Map are zones A & B. Usually the trails in Zone A will open prior to those in Zone B; this is because some of the trails go through open fields in the Antigo area (a lot of the snow can be blown off the fields).

RIDE SAFE                    STAY RIGHT

LANGLADE COUNTY TRAILS:----8:00 AM 1/18/2018: NOTICE---NOTICE: ZONE "A" (North & East part of the county) WILL OPEN AT 8AM, Thursday, 18 Jan, 2018. ZONE "B" (Antigo area) WILL OPEN Saturday, 27 Jan., AT 7AM; conditions on the open fields around the Antigo/Bryanty area will be fair. The recent snow of the morning of 31 Jan should greatly improve conditions around the Antigo/Bryant area & the rest of the county.

TRAIL CONDITIONS:---------------6:10 AM 2/18/2018: Trail conditions in the N. & E. part of the county will be good. Conditions are still good in the woods, expect an occasional deep rut or water hole that dried up, also more ice is starting to appear on the trail. Be alert for deer as they are becoming more active and seem to like the trail. Until we get more snow, be prepared for quickly changing trail conditions. Hopefully I can talk to some riders today; as I will be leaving for the ski hill this morning.

WEATHER:------6:10 AM 2/18/2018

Sunday: NOW: 5 HIGH: near 37. Cloudy. WIND: WNW 10-15.

Sunday night: LOW: near 24. Mainly cloudy. WIND: WNW 10-15.

Monday: HIGH: near 28. Cloudy with snow. 90% chance of snow with 1-3". WIND: NE 10-20.

Monday night: Low: near 22. Some snow showers early will give way to a lite wintery mix of precipitation overnight. 60% chance of precip with less than an inch. WIND: NE 10-15.

Some confusion existed last season on a corner between I22 & I22A (north of Elton). On this corner there is a local trail that is groomed by locals to access the main trail. This local trail brings you out on Sherry Road & then Hwy 64 just west of Elton. Some riders are thinking this corner is I22A, and the trail south to Elton for gas. At this corner continue east for a couple miles to I22A, then south if you need gas at Borucki's Shell.

NOTE: Trail passes can be ordered as of 1 July, also this year, a receipt for your $10 trail pass will be available to down load that will be good for 3 weeks. For questions on the trail pass & registration, call the DNR at 888.936.7463


Total snowfall 2012-2013: 57 3/4"
Total snowfall 2013-2014: 69 3/4"
Total snowfall 2014-2015: 47 1/4"
Total snowfall 2015-2016: 49" (18 1/2" after trails closed)
Total snowfall 2016-2017: 49 3/4"

2013-2014: First snow--8 Nov-1/4", melted next day
ENE 2014-2015: First snow--5 Nov-1 1/4"
2015-2016: First snow--28 Oct-2 1/4"
2016-2017: First snow--19 Nov- 1/2"
2017-2018: First snow--01 Nov- 2 1/2"

2017-2018 snowfall

31 Oct Trace of snow, no accumulation
01 Nov 2 1/2" wet/packy snow eve of 1 Nov, melted 2 Nov
04 Nov 4" eve of 3 Nov, morning of 4 Nov
04 Nov 1" morning of 4 Nov. Melted 5 Nov
09 Nov 1/2" morning of 9 Nov
11 Nov 2" morning of 11 Nov
11 Nov 1" additional late morning
04 Dec RAIN
06 Dec Flurries all day, no accumulation
08 Dec 3/4"day of 8 Dec
11 Dec 1/2" day of 11 Dec
13 Dec 6 1/2"
15 Dec 1" over night
22 Dec 1/2" early morning
28 Dec 3/4 day of 27 Dec
03 Jan 1/2" eve of 3 Jan
08 Jan Light dusting, no accumulation
12 Jan 1/2" morning of 12 Jan
15 Jan 1 3/4" morning of 15 Jan (still lite snow)
15 Jan 1" day of 15 Jan
22 Jan 6" day of 22 Jan
03 Feb 4 1/2" day of 3 Feb
17 Feb 1" day of 17 Feb

Snow on the ground at White Lake: 10"


27 Dec---ZONE "A" OPEN at 0800, 27 Dec
06 Jan---ZONE "B" OPEN at 5PM, 06 Jan
18 Jan---All trails temporarily CLOSED at 5pm, 18 Jan
27 Jan---ZONES "A" & "B" (entire county) will RE-OPEN Friday at 8AM, 27 Jan
19 Feb---ZONE "B" CLOSED 8AM, 19 Feb.
23 Feb---Zone "A" CLOSED at 2:07PM, 23 Feb,2017 (ALL county trails are CLOSED).

NOTE: The trail east of Lily (Corr 9/16), is a shared trail/driveway. The shared trail/driveway starts where the trail enters the woods after you leave Bostwick Rd and continues east for a couple miles.

The trail north of the Sno Birds clubhouse on Turtle Lake Rd is a shared trail/driveway for about 3/4 mile from Turtle Lake Rd. to the bridge.

09 Dec 1st ride of 2013-2014: Trailered to Watersmeet, MI.
05 Dec 1st ride of 2014-2015: Trailered to Watersmeet, MI.
21 Dec 1st ride of 2015-2016: Trailered to Greenland, MI.
25 Dec 1st ride of 2016-2017: Trailered to Mountain, WI.
19 Dec 1st ride of 2017-2018: Trailered to Watersmeet, MI.


03 Mar 2013-2014
08 Mar 2014-2015
04 Mar 2015-2016
04 Mar 2016-2017

2017-2018 Season

19 Dec Trailered to Watersmeet, MI, rode the grade East on 2 to 107 North, a few stones here & there on the grade, but otherwise good snow cover. 107 North to Kenton was good to very good, better than I expected, then rode 8 East to Sidnaw, the grade here was good also. From Sidnaw rode north on 8/15 approximately 8-10 miles, very good conditions on 8/15. Turned around at this point and backtracked to Watersmeet. Was well worth the drive to Watersmeet for the ride. I expected wet conditions, but did not encounter any. With more snow, conditions will be very good to excellent.

23 Dec Trailered to Watersmeet, MI, made the same ride as I did on 19 Dec, trail 2, the grade east of Watersmeet showed a few more small stones, but otherwise conditions were good, 107 North of Sidnaw was very good. Trail traffic was very light. The area will definitely need more snow with increased trail traffic. A stretch where logging is taking place is getting thin on snow for a short distance. Still a good ride again.

29 Dec Trailered to Watersmeet, MI, rode E. on 2 to 107 N., the grade E. of WM is getting a little thin on snow, a few more small stones showing. 107 N. to Kenton good, one short area of logging south of Kenton. From Kenton E. on 8 to Sidnaw (good). From Sidnaw N. on l8/15 to`109 & the jct of 109N & 12W, (excellent to here). 12 to Greenland good, gassed up at Pat's. Took 3S to 3/8 (Bruce Crossing). The grade E. & W. of Bruce Crossing is quite thin. Rode E. on 3/8 to 3S, a little thin on 3S to where the trail turns into the woods, rode S. back to 2. A little rough on 107. Back to Headwaters where we off loaded. Other than 107N to kenton & 8 to Sidnaw & 8/15 & 109-12, they are going to need a little more snow to get the trails to very good.

04 Jan Trailered to Watersmeet, MI, same ride as above (29 Dec), except that we back tracked from Mass City after getting gas. Little change in trail conditions. Short sections of fair conditions, from Sidnaw north to FH16 excellent.

08 Jan Trailered to Washburn, rode mainly forest roads, took the trail into Herbster,(rideable-but not groomed) they must have some issues with the village. The trail was re-routed from it's normal right in the village, could just get between trees, and then it was staked just a little wider than the snowmobile. Then rode to Cornicopia. The trail to Corny was not groomed-but rideable, backed tracked to the forest roads and finished out the day on the forest roads. All forest roads were good.

09 Jan Washburn, decided to ride the trails. Rode 31N from Valhalla to the jct of 1/31, decide to head for either red Cliff or Bayfield, the trail took us to a road (Weidinger) that junctioned with another road(no road sign), no arrow indicating which way to go, turned around & headed back to the jct of 1/31, took 1 west to the jct of 1/51, south on 51 to 31S. Trail 31N to 1W and 1W, 51S were very good. Took 31S to Iron River, the closer to Iron river the snow started to get thinner, but still rideable. Food & fuel at Iron River, then East on 2 to Ino & FR236, rode 236N to FR237 & then Forest Roads the rest of the way to Valhalla. All forest roads were very goood in this area

13 Jan Trailered to Iron River, MI. Rode mainly forest roads to Sidnaw & Rousseau. On many forest rds no one had been on them. In areas we had 6-8" of new untracked snow on top of earlier snow. Met very few riders as we were not the trails, but Sidnaw Station & the Rousseau bar were quite crowded. The little bit we were on the trail conditions were excellent.

17 Jan (trail inspection ride). Rode from White Lake North to I21B, the grade was very good, from I21B west to I22B, (fair), continued west to I22, (fair), had to stop numerous times to throw rocks, branches, & chunks of wood from the trail, from I22 north to I23, again stopped many times to remove rocks, etc from the trail, from I23 north thru the crockers to the Lily Sno Birds, this section was very good with wide brushing & grooming, the section along the river was quite rough & needs more snow, from the Lily Sno Birds east to I96(Bostwick Rd to here is plowed very thin), from I96 east to Ada Lake Rd, trail to here was fair, with the last 3-4 miles to Ada lake Rd poor, (very rutted), back tracked to I96, and then south to I17, again several poor sections, from I17 east & south to I18 to I19, this area also had some poor sections, did not go south to I20 as this is a road that should be good, from I19 west to 9 Mile and back to I17, this section also had several sections that were poor, from I17 back to Lily & the grade to whiteLake. I was a little discouraged, I thought conditions would be better. If riding in the area, be alert for changeing trail conditions and debrie on the trail; it was getting dark & I didn't have time to remove everything. From what I am hearing, conditions are pretty good in the Summit Lake, Jack Lake & Parrish areas(west of Elcho).

18 Jan Rode from White Lake N. to I22C, then west to I22, back tracked to I22C, then N. to I94A (county A), then back tracked to White Lake. The grade was very good to here, don't know how long it will hold up with traffic & the warm temps. Be very alert for deer on the grade, I encountered several on my way in the early evening.

19 Jan Rode from white Lake to Lily, then to the ski hill, Later in the day rode to the Sno Birds club house, then south thru the Crockers & east to I22C (south of the Wolf River bridge), and back to W. L. The short stretch along the river is a little rough, but other than that, everything was good. From what I'm hearing conditions range from good to not so good.

24 Jan Rode from White Lake North to I22C (south of the Wolf River bridge), then west to I22 (very good to here), then north to I23 (south end of the Crockers), then north & west to I102A (road is plowed north of Hwy 52-but rideable), at I102A west to I102, (good to here), continued west to I103A, then north to I73A (this entire stretch was not groomed (found out later that the groomer was 20 minutes behind me), then north to I71, then west to I68, then north to I63, then north & east to I77, then SE to I76, I75, & I74, stopped at Hummers for lunch, then east to Pickerel, continued NE to the Wolf River trail near Frog Alley, then north on the grade to Forest County junction near I20, then N. & E. to Johnnies for a short stop, back tracked to I23 & north to I31, good to here then east FGC I51, a good part of the western end of this road is plowed for logging & on the east end some ice & water in the swampy area, then south to FC I25 (Laona), then west to LMT 7, trail closed to the south, back tracked to Laona, then south on the Nicolet trail to FC I3, and west on LMT2 to Langlade County I95B, I95A, & I95, (LMT2 was a little rough), from I95 west to Lily, and the grade back to white Lake,( the trail west for several miles from Ada Lake Rd was a little rough for several miles, but with the recent snow, most all of the ruts got filled in.

25 Jan Rode from Bryant thru the Jack Lake trails to Summit Lake, then west to the Parrish area, trails good to here, the closer to Rhinelander trail conditions got a little rough, from Rhinelander east along Hwy 8 to Monico, then south across Pelican lake to Elcho, & to Summit Lake, crossing Hwy 45 south of Summit Lake, then thru Jack lake trails back to Bryant. A fair ride.

26 Jan Short ride yesterday. Had to address somne trail issues in the early morning in the south Crockers. Conditions were good. Mid morning rode the grade to the Sno Birds for the MS ride. Grade was good. Late afternoon rode south through the Crockers, snow was a little soft with some brown here & there, but still goood.

27 Jan Short ride to the ski hill in the early morning. Trail was quite frozen, had trouble getting snow on the hyfax & engine cooling. Mid morning left the hill for the ride-in at the Lily Sno Birds. Trail conditions had improved a little by then. In the early evening rode thru the Crockers back to white Lake, trail conditions were quite good considering all the traffic from the ride-in; a few brown spots here and there, but otherise good

29 Jan Short ride to address some signing issues. Waited until mid afternoon hoping the trail would soften & also that traffic would have broken the snow up. Still had heat & hyfax issues. Some small stones starting to appear on the grade just north of Hwy 64, but otherwise the trails still have good cover; just could use a little more snow.

31 Jan Rode from White Lake N. to I22C just south of the Wolf River bridge, then W. to I22, then N. to I23(S. end of the Crockers), all trails to here very good, N. thru the Crockers to the Lily Sno Birds, Crockers very good, a few bumps along the river. stopped at Lily to call & see if the motor for the ski hill was in, it was, back S. on the grade to White lake and then to Antigo to pick up the electric motor. end of ride. With the 3-4 inches of new snow trail conditions improved greatly.

03 Feb Early morning ride to the ski hill N. up the grade to Lily & then to the hill, went to the Sno Birds mid afternoon; no one had any complaints on trail conditions. There was a lot of trail traffic during the day. In the evening when I left the hill conditions were still very good.

04 Feb Early morning ride to the ski hill N. up the grade to Lily & then to the hill, went to the Sno Birds just as the game started, talked to several riders and all said the trails were in good condition. The only section that was starting to get a little rough was from I21B to I21(just N. & S. of Hwy 64 on the grade), otherwise the trails that I was were good.

06 Feb Left mid morning. North up the grade to Lily, then E. to I95B (Forst Cty I5), then E. on LMT2 to F.C. I3 on the Nicolet St Trail, Then N. to Carter, Wabeno, Laona, Newald, Popple river, Long Lake, and White Tails for lunch, then back tracked to LMT7 just south of Laona, south on LMT7 to FC I28, then west on LMT8 to FC I27, then N. to FC I26, then W. to FC I19,18,17, then N. to FC I20, then W. to FC I16 on the Wolf River St Trail, then S. to Frog Alley and W. to Pickerel, continued W. to Hummer's, then S. to I73, I100, I101, then E. to I101B( there is some logging on the west end of the trail between I101 & I101B), and then to Lily & the grade back to White Lake. All trails were very good to excellent with the exception of the short area of logging.

07 Feb Left early afternoon. North up the grade to I22C, then w. to I22B, I22A, & I22, then nN. to I23, then W. to I102A & I102, then N. to I101, I100, I73, I74(HUmmer's), then E. to Pickerel to I92 (near the Tombstone/Pickerel Clubhouse, then S. to I94, then E. to I94A on the wolf River St Trail, then the grade back to white Lake. All trails were very good.

08 Feb Left early afternoon. North up the grade to I21, then east to Langlade & I20 (Fish Hatchery jct), then N. to I19, & I18, then E. to Oconto Cty I508, & I507, then N. to I510, I512, I514, I516, & I520, then W. to Langlade Cty I95. Then E. on LMT2 to F.C. I3 (Nicolet St. Trail), then N. to Laona, then W. to F.C. I23, then S. to F.C. I19, I18, I17, then N. to F.C. I20 & the Wolf River St Trail, then back to White Lake on the grade. The only area showing any wear was the long sweeping turns N. of Wabeno, some small stones are starting to appear on the surface, other than that, all trails were very good. The trails Friday should still be very good, but with the expected heavy traffic for the "jump-in" on Pickerel Lake Saturday, the trails will probably be pretty used up by the end of the day on Saturday.

09 Feb Rode N. up the grade to the Northwoods Inn for breakfast, then to Pickerel, W. to Hummer's, then N. to Upper Post Lake, crossed the lake to Pratt Rd. (Pratt Rd had fair snow cover), Pratt Rd to Pelican Lake, then N. to Monico, continued N. & E. to the trail to Hiles, stopped at Hiles for gas, then S. to Argonne for lunch, then S.& E. to Laona, then N. on the Nicolet St. Trail to the trail to Cavour, rode the Cavour loop coming out on the Nicolet St. Trail, Then S. on the grade to Laona, at Wabeno took LMT4 to the S. to I95B, continued W. to Lily, then S. on the grade to White Lake. Met quite a few snowmobilers thru out the day, some large groups. The trails were starting to loosen up late in the day, but overall trail conditions were good to very good. Expect traffic today to be quite heavy in the Lily/Pickerel area (annual jump-in on Pickerel Lake attracts many-many snowmobilers).

10 Feb Left early morning for the ski hill; up the grade to Lily & then to the ski hill. Trails very good. Late morning left for the Northwoods Inn at Pickerel to meet up with the AWSC youth group. Had lunch with them, after lunch I took then to Pickerel lake to observe the "jump-in", to say there was a few sleds on the lake would be a gross under statement, there had to be to be a couple thousand sleds on the ice at the sight of the "jump-in". I had to leave to get back to the hill. Trails still holding up fairly well. After closing the ski hill late in the afternoon, back to the Tombstone/Pickerel clubhouse for their chili ride-in. Then back to white Lake. The trails around the Pickerel area understandably were quite used up. The grade to Lily-Hwy 55 was quite thin with small stones on the surface, from Lily south the grade was still good to very good. Some corners are starting to get pushed out. Caution is urged as more ice is starting to appear.

13 Feb Left early afternoon. N. up the grade to the jct juist south of the Wolf River bridge, then W. to Polar ( a little rough just east of Polar) continued W. & S. of Antigo, at I31 SW of Antigo turned North to I37C, and headed E. crossing Hwy 45 at BP North, continued E. to I35 and lthen NE to Bryant, (the fields around Antigo were very good to here), the snow got thinner the closer to Bryant, right around Bryant it got very thin with dirt showing, at Bryant N. to I103, then N. eventually ending up at Hummer's, after a short stop backtracked to I101, then E. to I101B (plowed trail for logging for a stretch just before I101B) then the N. loop to Lily & the grade back to White Lake. All trails were good except for the area of the plowed road.

14 Feb Left mid morning. N. up the grade to Lily & then E. to I95(Ada Lake Rd.). continued E. to the Nicolet St Tr. just S. of Carter, then N. to Wabeno, continued N. on Corr. 16 to Armstrong Creek, fuel stop here, then N. & W. to the Nicolet St Tr., the trail got very thin in areas here, also logging with plowed/bare trail, at the Nicolet St Tr. continued N. to White Tails, after lunch at White Tails back to the grade & N. to MI, tried to get to Iron River, but the grade was very thin & soft with dirt/water in stretches, turned around about 1 mile from Iron River & headed back to the grade south to Long Lake, Popple River, Newald, Laona, (the grade to here was soft with adequate snow--the grade S. of Laona had stretches of standing water with gravel in several areas) Wabeno, Carter; (the grade N. of Wabeno on the long sweeping curves was down to dirt, the same with the trail in areas around Carter, just S. of Carter took LMT2 to the W. (once in the woods there was a vast improvement in trail conditions), the trail was good all the way to Lily with the exception of Bostwick Rd--about 1/3 mile of gravel, then took the grade back to White Lake. the grade from Lily to White Lake was very good.

17 Feb I rode Saturday in the "Snowmobile Hall of Fame Ride". We left the Hall Fame in St Germain headed for the Fish Tales on Lake Goebic. The trails around St Germain/Sayner were brown, thin of snow, icy, and loose snow, also rocks because of marginal snow. Went thru Bent's Camp & the Cisco chain, stopping at Rogers Bar for MI trail passes for those that needed one, continued W. & then up the E. side of Lk Goebic to the Root Cellar, crossing the lake at this point for Fish Tales on the W. side of the lake. Encountered icy conditionsin MI. after lunch at Fish Tales we returned to St Germain on the same route. Trail traffic was quite heavy in the afternoon. Probably the best part of the ride is meeting old friends that I met decades ago, I've been on the ride for over thirty years. I don't think I would make the St Germnain area a destination to go snowmobiling. Conditions are never good when I go on th HOF ride.

Any comments that you may have about the trails or anything else, please e/m me, thanks. The 2017-2018 Langlade County snowmobile map is out. There are minor changes to the "A" & "B" zone line; mainly that the line has been moved North from Cty I to Cty J. The Zone line follows highways & roads; and that is what will be used when opening/closing zones. There were also some minor trail changes, but nothing major.

See you on the trail

KETTLE BOWL:---We will OPEN Saturday, 20 Jan 2018. The regular scheduled open hours are 12-4 Sat & Sun. (we are only open Sat & Sun) A ski shop from Antigo brings a large trailer out to the hill with the rental skiis/boots/poles/snow boards. (ANTIGO SKI, 715.623.4300 or 715.350.1002) The normal hours at the hill are 12-4 Sat & Sun. We may at times be open during teachers conventions or holidays. Kettle Bowl ski hill is located approximately 15 miles NE of Antigo on Hwy 52 or 4 miles SW of the Hwy 52/55 intersection at Lily. We have five rope tows, all runs are intermediate with a bunny/beginners hill. Snow boards are very popular and are welcome. There is no sledding or tubing facilities. We have a very modern chalet with food available that is VERY reasonably priced. Snowmobilers are welcome, use caution when entering the parking lot & do not travel in front of the chalet, park to your left as you enter the parking lot.

SNOWMOBILE PUBLIC PARKING:----Summit Lake Park at Summit Lake(on Hwy 45 approx 15 mi. N of Antigo), DNR parking lot at Langlade; You can also park at the Lily Sno Birds clubhouse-(Lily), Hummer's (jct of Cty A & TT), BP North-Antigo, FS-Antigo-just N. of the lights at the jct of 45/64, Timber Haven(715.623.7662)- Hwy 64 Polar/large parking lot. Inquire at the business before off-loading, White Lake at the east end of the food pantry(across from the mill) on Bissel St.

EVENTS: 2017/2018


The restaurant in White Lake is closed, everything inside was sold at an auction. At the present time the White Lake Market is serving breakfast on Saturdays & Sundays(breakfast sandwiches on weekdys).

Shaefers gas station across from Hill's still on HWY 55, north of Pickerel is CLOSED.

WI TRAIL PASS INFO: Visit the AWSC web site at AWSC.org or the DNR web site.

Thanks to all that stopped at the Lily Sno Birds clubhouse this past season(2016-2017), and to those that didn't, hope to see you this season (2017-2018).

The ice on White Lake went out on 1 May, 2013.
The ice on White Lake went out on 3 May, 2014.
The ice on White Lake went out on 9 Apr, 2015.
The ice on White Lake went out on 6 ApR, 2016.
The ice on White Lake went out on 3 Apr, 2017.

Season: Start//End Date: Miles

85-86: 12-20-85//3-20-86: 1,550****86-87: 12-25-86//3-04-87: 1,293
87-88: 12-13-87//3-05-88: 2,492****88-89: 12-18-88//3-18-89: 2,781
89-90: 12-16-89//2-25-90: 1,757****90-91: 12-19-90//3-03-91: 2,839
91-92: 12-14-91//3-22-92: 1,816****92-93: 12-29-92//3-21-93: 1,995
93-94: 12-23-93//3-12-94: 1,672****94-95: 12-30-94//3-10-95: 2,427
95-96: 12-15-95//3-27-96: 3,090****96-97: 12-10-96//3-23-97: 3,078
97-98: 12-31-97//3-21-98: 2,071****98-99: 12-31-98//3-14-99: 2,510
99-00: 01-05-00//2-20-00: 1,890****00-01: 12-20-00//3-24-01: 3,620
01-02: 12-29-01//4-07-02: 3,178****02-03: 12-28-02//3-14-03: 2,123
03-04: 12-13-03//3-23-04: 2,123****04-05: 12-19-04//3-26-05: 2,503
05-06: 12-11-05//3-23-06: 2,278****06-07: 01-02-07//3-23-07: 1,850
07-08: 12-29-07//3-17-08: 2,391****08-09: 12-26-08//3-14-09: 2,494
09-10: 12-18-09//3-04-10: 3,667****10-11: 12-24-10//3-15-11: 2,858
11-12: 12-23-11//3-09-12: 2,533****12-13: 01-03-13//4-24-13: 4,625
13-14: 12-19-13//3-23-14: 4,208****14-15: 12-05-14//3-07-15: 3,806
15-16: 12-21-15//3-04-16: 2,841****16-17: 12-25-16//3-04-17: 2462


If traveling across a lake, follow the markings. Clubs are not required to mark lake crossings, but they or businesses do this as a courtesy.


CLUB----------------------------PRESIDENT/phone number----------------MEETING DATE---------------MEETING LOCATION

Antigo Sno-Drifters-----------Tim Grall--------715.623.3910-----------------2nd Mon--------------------various area pit stops

Bryant Ridge Runners-------Carl Thiede----715.627.6089-------------------2nd Tues--------------------various area pit stops

Deerbrook Bridge Runners-Jamie Denke-715.627.0892-------------------3rd Mon--------------------Quinn's-Neva P/S 15

Elcho Sno-Devils--------------Mike Ramuta-715.610.5095-----------------2nd Mon---------------------Sno-Devils clubhouse-Elcho

Lily Sno-Birds-----------------Don Graves-------715.484.4010---------------2nd Sat----------------------Sno-Birds clubhouse-Lily

N. Woods Boulder Lake Snow Goers---(no winter meetings)

Phlox Winter Knights-------Gregg Verhasselt--------715.219.3492----------------4th Mon--------------------Phlox Town Hall-Phlox

Polar Blazers-----------------Brian Braun------715.627.4918-----------------2nd Tues---------------------Groomer Bldg-Polar

Tombstone/Pickerel----------Alan Quig--715.216.6758----------------2nd Mon---------------------Tombstone-Pickerel clubhouse on Cty DD-Pickerel


GAS: 24 HOUR GAS, TRAIL accessable.

White Lake-------P/S 47---(White Lake Market--down town White Lake) (next to Black Bear) (No 91)
Pickerel-----------P/S 90---(Northwoods Inn, Shell, (55/Cty A)
Pickerel-----------P/S 104--(Lotter's BP, down town Pickerel)
Elcho--------------P/S 20---(Elcho Shell, down town Elcho)
Pelican Lake-----P/S 19A--(Musky Mart, BP, E. side of Pelican Lake, next to Hwy 45)
Summit Lake----P/S 37---Summit Lake, BP, just South of Billy Timbers, E. side of Hwy 45.
Antigo-------------P/S 58---(Remington Oil, Exxon, Hwy 45, S. of town)
Antigo-------------P/S 59---(FS, just N. of Hwy 45/64)-next to Burger King
Antigo-------------P/S 69---(Northside Ammoco, BP, 1 mi. N. of 45/64)
Antigo-------------P/S 75A--(BP, just S. of 45/64) (next to Pizza Hut & Super 8)
Antigo-------------P/S 75B--(Wagner's Shell, Forest Ave/Hwy 45, S. side of Antigo)
Antigo-------------P/S 82---(Kwik trip---located at the jct of 64/45)

NON 24 HOUR and/or EMERGENCY GAS, TRAIL accessable

Pickerel---------P/S 89--(Hwy A/TT jct-Lil Hummer's)
Langlade--------P/S 44--(Hwy 55/64) (Mike's Service)
Langlade--------P/S 38--(Hwy 55/64) (Bob & Joni's)
Pelican Lake---P/S 25--(S. end of Pelican lake, Gerrit's Lakeview)
Rolling Stone Lk-P/S 92---(Walleye Lodge, S. shore of lake)
Lily-------------------P/S 110--(Lily Sno Birds-when the club is open)
Elton---------------P/S 108, South at I22A, then west on highway 64 a short distance

Above listed are ADVERTISERS on the 2017-2018 Langlade County snowmobile map.

PLEASE stay on marked trails. At times it is tempting to cut corners in fields, or maybe go off the trail in other areas, but the landowners tell the clubs where they want the trail to go across their property. Staying on the marked trail is crucial to the clubs to maintain their trail easements. THANKS

If you would like a 2017-2018 Langlade County snowmobile trail map, send me an e/m with your name & address, my e/m address is at bottom of page.

The WOLF RIVER STATE TRAIL, known locally as "the grade", is open to snowmobiles from White Lake to Crandon.(when the Langlade & Forest County snowmobile trails are open)

LILY SNO BIRDS: The Lily Sno Birds club house is open Wednesdays & Fridays at 7:00PM. ( Open Fri, Sat, & Sun at 11:00AM DURING the snowmobile season when the trails are open) Food and refreshments are available, the family orientated club house is operated by snowmobilers, for snowmobilers & anyone else. There is a large open area to sit & relax, one of the "must stops" if your in the area. Stop and say hi to Don & the crew. Try one of Don's famous steak burgers. Snowmobile trailer parking available.

Langlade County is divided in two zones for the purpose of opening & closing of the trails. Zone "A" is basically to the North & East of the Antigo area; Zone "B" is to the SE, S, SW, W, & N of Antigo to county Hwy "J". Zones "A" & "B" are clearly marked on the current map(2017-2018). The zone lines may change; it primarily depends on snow conditions, but there are other factors that determine when a Zone is opened; and if the Zone line is changed.

Questions email: Langlade Snow